Kolot – Israeli Wedding Band

Kolot is a leading Israeli wedding band with a chassidish twist! Mixing it up with Israeli, chassidish, Mizrahi, and popular western beats, Kolot’s distinctive new, modern rhythms will bring you to your feet. The band is comprised of professional musicians brimming with stage experience, who bring with them the youthful energy of true simcha. Kolot aims to combine professionalism and uncompromising quality with spontaneity and unbridled joy.

Let’s be honest here… the market is flooded with great bands. They all can sell you a bog-standard “chassidish-Israeli band with a bit of Mizrahi influence here and a touch of Klezmer there, with the option of violins and bagpipes!”  And some of them will even be pretty good without burning a large hole in your pocket. So what marks us out? Our energy, the madness on stage, and our genuine participation in the joy of your simcha. The simple desire to understand how you imagine every last detail, how you want your wedding to look and sound like, our original and surprising takes on popular songs, and the aspiration to the highest level of quality at every moment – from the Kisei HaKalah until the Sheva Brachot we’ll be there, with you, to make sure that it will truly be the happiest day of your life.

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